The Last Fat Summer

Cheryl Rasmussen: Former Body-For-Life Champion

  • 20th July
  • 20

Workouts..What workouts? What Happened?!!!

Well, when I started this blog back in November of 2010, I was excited, charged, ready to bring it on!  Where am I now…8 months later?  Not back to square 1 but pretty damn close.  What is the deal, you ask?  LIFE HAPPENS….OTHER THINGS IN MY LIFE TOOK PRIORITY …and I let my workouts and healthy eating habits get derailed AGAIN.

Sound familiar?  I vowed it wouldn’t happen, but it did!  I had 1 thing after another after another and I find myself back to a weight that I don’t like. But, you know what..TODAY IS A NEW DAY.  Yeah, I know that is a cliche’, but still true.

I am still committed to live a healthy, happy lifestyle and I know how to do it.  But, it is hard to stay consistent. Who is with me out there?

What type of set-backs have you had lately?