The Last Fat Summer

Cheryl Rasmussen: Former Body-For-Life Champion

  • 20th July
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Workouts..What workouts? What Happened?!!!

Well, when I started this blog back in November of 2010, I was excited, charged, ready to bring it on!  Where am I now…8 months later?  Not back to square 1 but pretty damn close.  What is the deal, you ask?  LIFE HAPPENS….OTHER THINGS IN MY LIFE TOOK PRIORITY …and I let my workouts and healthy eating habits get derailed AGAIN.

Sound familiar?  I vowed it wouldn’t happen, but it did!  I had 1 thing after another after another and I find myself back to a weight that I don’t like. But, you know what..TODAY IS A NEW DAY.  Yeah, I know that is a cliche’, but still true.

I am still committed to live a healthy, happy lifestyle and I know how to do it.  But, it is hard to stay consistent. Who is with me out there?

What type of set-backs have you had lately?

  • 29th January
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Don’t Give Up On Your Fitness New Year’s Resolution!

I hope you haven’t!  Better yet, make it a LIFE RESOLUTION!

Losing weight is one of the most common resolutions, but it is also one of the most fleeting.  I am posting this because I noticed a “significant” drop off at my gym. Classes that were normally packed are not any longer.  And, I can get a parking spot somewhat close to the front door.  

I think for many of us, we make a resolution, but then our old habits start coming back and …before we know it…BAM - back to square 1.  Don’t let yourself get derailed from your fitness goals!

If this sounds like you, and you have already given up on your resolution, it is time to set up a new resolution-make it a Life Resolution.  It is not too late to jump back in and follow through.  The majority don’t do it, so what makes you different than the pack?  What inspiration can you use to get you through?

  • 10th January
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No more Shamu!

Today was monumental.  Took my kids to school and a parent I had not seen in a month or so asked if I had had lost weight— Wow!  This is the first person other than family that noticed I was losing weight.  Or was he really saying, “Gosh, you sure were chubby!”


When all of your hard work gets noticed by others, well- that is when it all starts to feel fun.  Fun?? Yes, Fun!  Capitalize on the momentum, the results and the way it makes you feel to have someone notice you.  

Ask yourself: Can I push myself further? - Can I add in more or different work outs? - Can I add “new” goals to my weight loss and fitness journey?   Funny, it seems to happen just when you need that extra push to keep on “keeping on”.  Shamu has left the building!

  • 6th January
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My Fitness Results at Day 30

This needs no introduction.  #fitness #weightloss

NOTE TO SELF-It is about progress, keep digging!  

NOTE TO OTHERS-Set realistic, achievable goals.

DAY 1: weighed 162 lbs.

Day 30: weighed 157 lbs.


LOST  2 1/4 total inches (see below)

Inches Lost


Chest : - 1/2”

Waist:  - 1”

Hips: - 1/2”

Thighs: - 1/4”

Just do it!  More results on Day 60!  Sharing is motivating…keeps me accountable.

  • 26th December
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I hired a trainer-Happy Birthday to me!

I had never hired a trainer before so I decided to give it a try.  I purchased 3 workout sessions to jump-start my workouts and give me a roadmap to work from.  I have clear goals defined and have set realistic expectations- so a trainer will give me that additional focus I will need to take me to the next level and stay on track!  I have faith! Take a look at session 1 posted here.  Let me know if you have any questions about this routine- I would be happy to help and share the knowledge!  Do any of you have trainers now or have you used one in the past?

  • 16th December
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DIET: Day 7 food diary

Here is my Day 7 food diary

MEAL 1: 2 cups coffee with EAS Myoplex Lite Chocolate Fudge added for flavor. 

Jenny Craig Breakfast Burrito

1 small banana

1 glass milk

SNACK: 1 cup SmartFood Popcorn-white cheddar (150 calories)

**NOTE: I don’t even like popcorn that much.  Next time I will select a more nutritious and filling snack to have!

MEAL 2: Jenny Craig Meatball Stuffed Sandwich with green salad

MEAL 3:  Jenny Craig Anytime Bar and 1 small apple

MEAL 4: Home made spaghetti with meat sauce, small green salad

*** I stayed away from the bread ***

1 diet coke

MEAL 5: Eating for Life  - Pumpkin cheesecake-1 slice (pg. 215), 1 scoop of fat-free Cool Whip topping  and 1 glass milk


WATER: 4- 16.9 fl. oz. bottles

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  • 10th December
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Food Diary for Day 6

Below is my food intake for Day 6.  I still need to work on my water intake-really only 2 bottles of water today!

 I love how easy it is to have my Jenny Craig meals on hand.  However, I feel that I need to start making some of these meals on my own.  My goal is to use Jenny Craig for convenience as well as portion control.  But it is important to implement these meals in with your own food for long-term success.  I need to start stocking up on groceries so that I can make my own healthy meals as well.  For that I will turn to my handy-dandy “Eating for Life” book.


MEAL 1: 2 cups coffee with EAS Myoplex Lite Chocolate Fudge added for flavor. 

Jenny Craig Cinnamon French Toast 

1 small banana

1 glass milk

SNACK: 1 small square of a Trader Joes dark chocolate bar.  HAD TO GIVE IN TO MY CRAVINGS!

MEAL 2: Jenny Craig turkey cranberry salad kit with green salad

MEAL 3: Jenny Craig Anytime Bar and 1 orange

MEAL 4: 2 BBQ beef ribs with carribean salad and vinegrete dressing

1 diet coke

MEAL 5: Jenny Craig chocolate cakes and 1 glass milk


WATER: 2 - 16.9 fl. oz. bottles

  • 19th November
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I REALLY did not feel like doing this run! Rainy, Cold, Wet…Yuck.  But, felt great after it was over-I ended up running 2.5 miles to the beach and back.  Workout done for the day! November 20, 2010