The Last Fat Summer

Cheryl Rasmussen: Former Body-For-Life Champion

  • 20th July
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Workouts..What workouts? What Happened?!!!

Well, when I started this blog back in November of 2010, I was excited, charged, ready to bring it on!  Where am I now…8 months later?  Not back to square 1 but pretty damn close.  What is the deal, you ask?  LIFE HAPPENS….OTHER THINGS IN MY LIFE TOOK PRIORITY …and I let my workouts and healthy eating habits get derailed AGAIN.

Sound familiar?  I vowed it wouldn’t happen, but it did!  I had 1 thing after another after another and I find myself back to a weight that I don’t like. But, you know what..TODAY IS A NEW DAY.  Yeah, I know that is a cliche’, but still true.

I am still committed to live a healthy, happy lifestyle and I know how to do it.  But, it is hard to stay consistent. Who is with me out there?

What type of set-backs have you had lately?

  • 2nd March
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The Stairs From Hell!

My #workout yesterday.85 stairs- 5 sets of these…killler!
Hope you are all sticking with your fitness and weight-loss goals.  What are your biggest struggles right now? I will share mine with you!

  • 10th February
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Balance Baby!

Life is all about balance isn’t it?  Just 10 days ago I was so swamped with work, that I could not get a workout in and missed 3 days in a row!  Although working 10-12 hour days were necessary at the time, I probably would have been more productive had I taken just one half hour to get my blood pumping and step away from the work that was consuming me.


Learning to balance all aspects of our lives is a continuous challenge.  Just when we think we have it down….WHAMMO…something else comes up and we have to make changes to our routine.  Finding that balance between work, parenting, family, friends, commitments and fitness-that is our challenge!


This is certainly not a new concept, but now that I value fitness, have renewed energy and self-esteem, have lost weight and inches, I have to find a way to keep fitness in my life even when things get complicated.

I am a work in progress, but working out is getting easier—just gotta keep plugging away at it and work towards balance!

  • 4th February
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I have a #confession…

I skipped my #workouts 3 days in a row!!!  God Forbid!

Seriously, I was so busy with work, that I barely had time to eat.  Hey, speaking of which, I ate fairly well- so at least I had that goin’ for me.

Now, I need to get back to my workouts.  Working out is still not a habit for me.  It takes a lot of effort and self-talk to keep consistent.  Anyone else out there struggling?

  • 29th January
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Don’t Give Up On Your Fitness New Year’s Resolution!

I hope you haven’t!  Better yet, make it a LIFE RESOLUTION!

Losing weight is one of the most common resolutions, but it is also one of the most fleeting.  I am posting this because I noticed a “significant” drop off at my gym. Classes that were normally packed are not any longer.  And, I can get a parking spot somewhat close to the front door.  

I think for many of us, we make a resolution, but then our old habits start coming back and …before we know it…BAM - back to square 1.  Don’t let yourself get derailed from your fitness goals!

If this sounds like you, and you have already given up on your resolution, it is time to set up a new resolution-make it a Life Resolution.  It is not too late to jump back in and follow through.  The majority don’t do it, so what makes you different than the pack?  What inspiration can you use to get you through?

  • 26th January
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My Body Fat Encounter!

I had my #body #fat measured last Friday-and I am happy to report that I am heading in the right direction!

Here are my results:

January 21, 2011: 24.8%
December 1, 2010: 28.6%
Here is how I stack up according to the fitness chart they had at my gym (SEE BELOW). Started out near the “FAIR” range and now smack-dab in the middle of the “Good” range. 
I am heading to EXCELLENT!!!

Women Age 40-44

  • Excellent  = 22.6%
  • Good = 25.6%
  • Fair= 29.3%
  • Poor = 32.8%

So, remember how I said you won’t really how far you have come unless you have a good idea of where you started?  Well, if I was just measuring my success on the amount of weight I have lost, then I would be DISAPPOINTED with my results!

But, since I also incorporated body measurements and body fat calculations from the beginning, I can feel fantastic about my progress and results!  I really encourage you to take your measurements and get your body fat test done too! 

Last suggestion:

Take those “BEFORE” photos!  It is painful- I know- but oh, so gratifying when you see progress!  Good luck!

  • 24th January
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Posting My Final Personal Fitness Training Session

Finally was able to meet up with my trainer for the final workout!  Back in December, I had purchased a package for three 1-hour sessions.  This session kicked my butt!  

I am really glad that I was able to wait 3 or so weeks before the final session as I was ready to have her challenge me more than in the previous 2 …and boy did it ever.  Let me know if you have any questions about any of these exercises jotted down here.  I had to decipher some of the abbreviations too (ie. SA=single arm/ SA=single leg). 

  • 22nd January
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Do you have something that reminds you of your goals and helps to keep you motivated to workout and get fit?  I wanted to share with you what I use and perhaps it will help give you an idea of what might work for you.

 In November, I hit rock bottom on our family surf vacation to Mexico.  I bought a bracelet there that I wear constantly to help remind me of just how terrible I felt about myself and how that has led me to take control of my health and fitness.  Today is day 65 and I am still wearing it!  We all need motivation- and this is mine!  What is keeping you motivated?  Do you find it useful to have a reminder?

  • 19th January
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My incredibly “almost” shrinking body

My Fitness Results: Day 60

NOTE TO SELF-My hard work is starting to pay off!  

NOTE TO OTHERS-Don’t Forget To Keep Track of Your Progress.  You won’t know just how far you have come if you don’t know where you started.

DAY 1: weighed 162 lbs.

Day 30: weighed 157 lbs.

Day 60: weighed 156 lbs.

LOST 6 LBS total!


But more importantly, LOST 7.25 total inches (see below)


Chest : - 1” 

Waist:  - 1.5”

Abdomen: -2”

Hips: - 1.5”

Thighs: - .25”

HipBone: -1”

Believe you can do it!  Results will follow…

  • 11th January
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I am very excited about what happened today.  If things don’t go your way, don’t let it ruin your workouts !  Check out my video and see how being able to improvise can help you succeed!

  • 10th January
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No more Shamu!

Today was monumental.  Took my kids to school and a parent I had not seen in a month or so asked if I had had lost weight— Wow!  This is the first person other than family that noticed I was losing weight.  Or was he really saying, “Gosh, you sure were chubby!”


When all of your hard work gets noticed by others, well- that is when it all starts to feel fun.  Fun?? Yes, Fun!  Capitalize on the momentum, the results and the way it makes you feel to have someone notice you.  

Ask yourself: Can I push myself further? - Can I add in more or different work outs? - Can I add “new” goals to my weight loss and fitness journey?   Funny, it seems to happen just when you need that extra push to keep on “keeping on”.  Shamu has left the building!

  • 6th January
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My Fitness Results at Day 30

This needs no introduction.  #fitness #weightloss

NOTE TO SELF-It is about progress, keep digging!  

NOTE TO OTHERS-Set realistic, achievable goals.

DAY 1: weighed 162 lbs.

Day 30: weighed 157 lbs.


LOST  2 1/4 total inches (see below)

Inches Lost


Chest : - 1/2”

Waist:  - 1”

Hips: - 1/2”

Thighs: - 1/4”

Just do it!  More results on Day 60!  Sharing is motivating…keeps me accountable.

  • 2nd January
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I had a big, juicy jalapeno burger yesterday!

Yep, I went to Carl’s Jr. yesterday and ordered a japapeno burger.  Was it worth it? You bet!  Do I feel badly about it?  Not a bit!  You know why?  Being healthy and eating right is a life journey- not some 3 month or 6 month diet to lose weight.  If you are going to do it right and keep it off, it has got to be something you can sustain for a lifetime.  Folks- this is reality!


You are going to want to eat that crappy, greasy burger every once in a while- go ahead and don’t beat yourself up about it.  Giving into your cravings every once in a while is what will get you through the long term change—but remember to do this in moderation.  


I know from experience that your mind starts to play tricks on you when you let yourself overindulge.  I used to mentally make excuses for my eating behavior and say, “Oh,well.  I blew the whole day with that burger, so now I will just eat whatever I want.”  Don’t fall into that trap either.  Give yourself a meal to overindulge, but try not to give yourself an entire day. 

You are working hard on trying to stay fit and eat healthy MOST of the time.  Give yourself a break and eat what you want every once in a while.  Being healthy and fit is about Progression not Perfection!

My 2 cents!  Anyone else have any comments on this topic?   Would love to hear it :)

  • 31st December
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Check out my 2nd Session with a trainer

Here is my second #training session.  This was a 45 minute #workout where I was advised to warm up on the step machine for 10 minutes, followed by abs/core and then 4 strength exercises. If you tend to ignore your abs, like I do, this is workout will help as you concentrate on your core BEFORE you perform any other exercises.

Let me know if you have any questions on this….

  • 27th December
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I Hate Water! I Really Do….

What I mean is I HATE TO DRINK WATER!!

Am I just lazy—-no, that is not it.  I just don’t like to drink it.  It does nothing for me.  Now, give me a Diet Coke and that is a different story.  So, you see I am like so many people out there that would much rather grab a drink chuck full of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and caffeine than the necessary glass of water. 
Here are a few hints that I have read recently that have helped me and may help you:

  • Have an 8 ounce glass of water before every meal and snack- it fills the stomach, thus reducing hunger.
  • Take in some water before starting your morning workout and keep chugging throughout the day.
  • Keep a refillable water bottle with you throughout the day- and guess what…..REFILL it!
  •  Add Crystal Light drink mix packets to your bottle of water- this adds flavor and is only 5 calories per packet.
  • Put sticky notes up around the house to remind yourself to drink it.

Now, here is the kicker…. if you are just two percent dehydrated, it will affect your body’s performance by as much as 20 percent, because your body needs water to perform every function, including metabolism.  Water can increase your body’s ability to break down fat.  Now, I am convinced.   How do you “remember” to drink water each day?
Below is a great article I read that provides some additional reasons on why you should drink water for your health.